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Working with D-Lux, you have more than just the usual design choices available to you. D-Lux Hardwood Floors carries over 30 different brands, offering a variety of choices for both species and flooring types, including a number of FSC-certified and formaldehyde-free flooring options.

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The current trends and most requested species are:

Oak (white or red)
Santos Mahogany
American Cherry
Brazilian Cherry
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Aacer Flooring
Aacer Premium Northern Hardwoods provide unparalleled quality, rich consistent color and exceptionally tight grain, making northern hardwoods the premier choice in wood flooring. From the forests of northern Wisconsin and Michigan, where rich soil, cold winters and a short growing season combine to create the perfect atmosphere for producing hardwoods of unrivaled excellence and beauty, Aacer brings you a full line of northern hardwood flooring products for residential, commercial and sport, for more information visit: www.aacerflooring.com

Bellagio Collection
Oregon Lumber presents a beautiful selection of wide-plank engineered wood flooring. The Bellagio Collection's wide variety of rich patterns, long lengths and natural exotic hardwoods let you create a unique and elegant mood for any room, follow the link to learn more: www.oregonlumber.com

Carlisle Wide Plank

Through careful management, Carlisle is able to farm and harvest slow-growing mature trees and ensure the forest will be here for generations to come. Just as their fathers did before them, the owners walk the plantation several times a year, and carefully select the trees that will be harvested for Carlisle. By choosing only mature timber Carlisle's products are superior in strength. Learn more about Carlisle at: www.wideplankflooring.com

Since 1992, EcoTimber has been the leading supplier of high quality wood products from environmentally sound sources. Eco Timber offers a beautiful selection of hardwood flooring from FSC-certified well-managed forests, fast-growing Bamboo flooring, and hand-scraped flooring. Offering products made with finishes and adhesives that won't off-gas harmful chemicals, EcoTimber is the healthy choice for your home and the planet. EcoTimber - where beauty, quality and competitive prices go hand in hand with the highest environmental values! Lean what Eco Timber can do for you: www.ecotimber.com

Expanko Cork
Best known for high quality cork flooring, also offers floating floor, recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring, as well as other types of cork products. At Expanko they are dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly products that are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. For more information about Expanko products visit: www.expanko.com

HomerWood Hardwood Flooring Company is the original manufacturer of the trademarked, Character Grade high quality specialty plank flooring. Homewood specialty hardwood flooring is found in a variety of homes and buildings - from vacation homes and luxurious custom designed homes to office complexes and retail stores. Learn more about Homerwood's handcrafted products: http://www.homerwood.com/

Kahrs has always worked with wood, and this is something that has developed into a 150-year love story. Today Kahrs is the world's oldest wood floor manufacturer that is still in business. As the world shrinks, and the wheel turns ever faster, roots become even more important. Their strong belief in craftsmanship has distinguished them right from the start as deeply rooted. This means that the high quality they stand for is represented in every single piece of wood that passes through their hands. For more information visit: www.kahrs.com

Kentwood Floors
Discover a whole new world of wood flooring choices: THE KENTWOOD COLLECTION - premium quality real-wood floors in an amazing variety of species, colors, styles and board sizes. With over a hundred different choices from traditional solid hardwoods to the latest innovations in wood flooring design, THE KENTWOOD COLLECTION has a hardwood floor to suit every home and every lifestyle, including yours. Learn more about Kentwood floors at: www.kentwoodfloors.com

Mullican Flooring was founded in 1985 with the singular idea of creating the highest quality hardwood flooring in the world. The company's founders knew that a combination of precision milling, advanced kiln-drying techniques and the most demanding inspectors available would allow Mullican to become the world leader in quality hardwood flooring. Mullican is also dedicated to forest management and supports the sustainable, renewable supply of raw materials to ensure there will be plenty of forests available for future generations. For more information visit: www.mullicanflooring.com

As a world leader in the productions of high-quality hardwood flooring products, Muskoka pre-finished hardwood flooring have been bringing timber from the forest to the floor for more than 100 years. Recognized by the International Standards Organization for its environmental and sustainable harvesting practices, Muskoka actively controls each facet of its operation with an innovative four-point quality pledge: Learn more about Muskoka products: www.muskokaflooring.com

Oshkosh Designs decorative inlays designed to provide homeowners with a distinctive flooring design element for new construction, remodeling or restoration projects. The upscale inlay designs are available in decorative stone and multiple species of domestic and exotic hardwoods along with various metals and glass. Oshkosh Designs products are fully customizable, allowing you to create your very own signature flooring. All products in Oshkosh's product line are masterfully hand-assembled by artisan craftsmen on-site at Oshkosh Designs, proudly located in Winneconne, WI. To view Oshkosh's designs visit: www.oshkoshfloors.com

Not many floors compare to Owens Plankfloor. As an engineered hardwood floor, it looks and feels exactly like solid wood. However, you won't have to deal with the inherent problems often associated with solid wood flooring. Plankfloor is also easy to install and maintain. For more information about Owens flooring options visit: www.teamowensinc.com

Pinnacle Interior Elements has developed a series of proprietary product collections that are manufactured in production facilities throughout the world. With over 80 years of experience in the floor covering industry Pinnacle is committed to providing the highest quality hardwood flooring products available. Elegantly beautiful and exceptionally durable, Pinnacle Floors form the foundation of style and design for each room in your home, office or place of business. Learn more about Pinnacle flooring at: www.pinnacle.org

Unique to the hardwood flooring industry, Plyboo bamboo flooring has grown in popularity and can be found in homes and commercial environments all over America. With its easy installation, durability, formaldehyde-free and good looks, people choose Plyboo for its adaptability to design themes, from temporary to tropical, to traditional with an Asian touch. Learn more about Plyboo: www.plyboo.com

Inspired homeowners, architects and designers are discovering the beauty of Teragren bamboo products. Grains, stain colors and bamboo flooring - from traditional solid strip to strand to wide plank-complement residential and commercial projects of any scale and style. Made with environmentally safe materials from rapidly renewable Optimum 5.5 Moso bamboo, Teragren bamboo flooring, surpass stringent international and U.S. environmental standards and contribute to two U.S. Green Building Council LEED credits. View Teragren's flooring products: www.teragren.com

Worthwood Collection
Oregon Lumber's Worthwood Collection is a natural material with a warm texture that offers comfort, permanence and low maintenance. Worthwood's end grain construction creates a floor which will not wear out and can be found in various art museums, armories, residences, libraries, schools, retail stores, restaurants and other commercial buildings. Learn more about the Worthwood Collection: www.oregonlumber.com

Our artisans hand craft each individual piece of wood to bring out its own inherent personality and the impression of age. From the remarkable surface preparation to artfully pillowed edges and ends, each of our floors is antiqued entirely by hand. It is this exceptional attention to detail that makes each Zanella hardwood floor a treasure of natural beauty. For more information about Zanello flooring visit: www.zanellawoodfloors.com

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ClassicAire Wood Vents
Only a special blend of time-honored techniques and modern techonology yield the quality and unrivaled beauty of ClassicAire Vents. ClassicAire wood vents are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Properly finished and installed, they will stand up to the rigor and everyday foot traffic while offering the beauty you expect from REAL wood. See ClassicAire products: www.classicvents.com

Muffler Pad
Diversified Foam and Toray Plastics have joined forces to bring you a new line of highly engineered sound-blocking and crack-suppressant flooring underlayments. The results of these efforts have produced a line of products that has been tested to outperform the competition in both residential and commercial applications. Learn more about flooring muffler products: www.floormuffler.com

Quite Walk Pad
Quiet Walk underlayment is the hallmark product of MP Global Products. Although it was originally created specifically for laminate flooring, it now is also used under some nail-down and floating hardwood products. In addition to it's sound deadening benefits, the absorbing action of the synthetic fibers together with the attached vapor barrier provides superior moisture protection that is backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty. View products: www.quietwalk.com